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C > COAT, HARD - Pg. 58

CLIP subsequently formed, or clinched, in contact with the conductive pattern on each side of the board, then soldered. CLIP Same as scissor. CLIPS Small metal pieces placed between the disc and the major to achieve proper fusing. CLOCK (1) A device that generates periodic signals used for syn- chronization. (2) A reference source of timing information. (3) A device providing signals used in a transmission system to control the timing of certain functions such as the duration of signal ele- ments or the sampling rate. (4) A device that generates periodic, accurately spaced signals used for such purposes as timing, regula- tion of the operations of a processor, or generation of interrupts. (5) In geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, a term used to define angular orientation. CLOSED CELL (EXPANDED) Closed cell is a product usually made by subjecting a rubber compound to a gas, such as nitrogen, under high pressure. It may also be made by incorporating gas- forming materials in the compound.