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C > CRACKING - Pg. 78

COUNTERSINK frequently below the surface of the earth, and connected to the foot- ings of the towers or poles supporting the line. COUNTERSINK A bevel or flare at the end of a hole. COUPLING Energy transfer between circuits, equipments, or sys- tems. COUPLING AGENT (1) That part of a sizing or finish that is designed to provide a bonding line between the reinforcement and the laminating resin. (2) Any chemical substance designed to react with both the reinforcement and matrix phases of a composite material to form or promote a stronger bond at the interface. Cou- pling agents are applied to the reinforcement phase from an aque- ous or organic solution or from a gas phase, or added to the matrix as an integral blend. COUPLING COEFFICIENT A measure of the electrical cou- pling that exists between two circuits, equal to the ratio of the mutual impedance to the square root of the product of the self- impedances of the coupled circuits, all impedances being of the