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D > DENIER - Pg. 89

DENSITY DELAMINATION (1) A separation between plies within the base material, or between the base material and the conductive foil, or both. (2) The separation of the layers of material in a laminate. This may be local or may cover a large area of the laminate. It may occur at any time in the cure or subsequent life of the laminate and may arise from a wide variety of causes. DELAY FAULT A fault in a digital device such that switching occurs to the proper level but does so outside a specified time inter- val. Also referred to as a fault or delay. DELAY LINE A transmission line or equivalent device designed to delay a signal for a predetermined length of time. DELAY LOGIC FUNCTION A sequential logic function wherein each state transition of the input signal causes a single delayed state transition at the output. DELIVERY Data items are deemed to be delivered either when they are electronically transmitted to the Government or when they are made available for Government access, and the contractor has given notice of delivery to the Government. DEMARCATION POINT (DEMARC) That point at which oper- ational control or ownership changes from one organizational entity to another. DEMODULATION The process wherein a signal resulting from previous modulation is processed to derive a signal having substan- tially the characteristic of the original modulating signal. DEMONSTRATE When used relative to test and evaluation, dem- onstrate implies a qualitative test that does not require comparison of test results to an applicable requirement. DEMONSTRATED That which has been measured, within speci- fied confidence limits, by the use of objective evidence gathered under specified conditions. DEMONSTRATION AND VALIDATION PHASE The period when selected candidate solutions are refined through extensive study and analyses, hardware development (if appropriate), and test and evaluations. DEMULTIPLEX To separate two or more signals previously com- bined by compatible multiplexing equipment. DENIER A term used to describe the weight of a yarn (not cotton or spun rayon), which in turn determines its physical size. DENSITY In a facsimile system, a measure of the light transmis- sion or reflection properties of an area, expressed by the logarithm 89