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D > DIALOGUE - Pg. 95

DIAZO PAPER DEVIATION (1) A specific written authorization, granted prior to the manufacture of an item, to depart from a particular requirement of an item's current approved configuration documentation for a specific number of units or a specified period of time. (A deviation differs from an engineering change in that an approved engineering change requires corresponding revision of the item's current approved configuration documentation, whereas a deviation does not). (2) A variation from an established dimension, position, stan- dard, or value. In ISO usage, the algebraic difference between a size (actual, maximum, or minimum) and the corresponding basic size. The term deviation does not necessarily indicate an error. DEVIATION FROM NORMAL, ALLOWABLE Changes in indication which are acceptable during a susceptibility test, pro- vided they do not deviate beyond the tolerance given in the individ- ual equipment specification. DEWETTING A condition that results when molten solder has coated a surface and then receded, leaving irregularly shaped mounds of solder separated by areas covered with a thin solder film;