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D > DIMPLING - Pg. 98

DIGITAL SWITCHING DIGITAL SWITCHING A process in which digital signals are switched without converting them to or from analog signals. DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER (1) A device that con- verts a digital input signal to an analog output signal carrying equivalent information. (2) A functional unit that converts data from a digital representation to an analog representation. DIGITAL WORD A binary number whose bit length corresponds to that typical of memory or basic arithmetic operations. DIGITIZE To convert an analog signal to a digital signal carrying equivalent information. DIGITIZER A device that provides input coordinate data by scan- ning or pointing. Digitizers are used in converting a display, draw- ing, or image to digital form. DIMENSION A numerical value expressed in appropriate units of measure and indicated on a drawing and in other documents along with lines, symbols, and notes to define the size or geometric char- acteristic, or both, of a part or part feature. DIMENSIONAL STABILITY A measure of dimensional change