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EFFECTIVE PROPELLANT EFFECTIVE PROPELLANT The total propellant minus the pro- pellant that is consumed in starting and shutdown, or that which is trapped in tanks, pumps, lines, valves, or cooling jackets. EFFECTIVE TEMPERATURE An arbitrary index that combines into a single value the effect of temperature, humidity, and air movement on the sensation of warmth or cold felt by the human body. The numerical value is that of the temperature of still, satu- rated air that would induce an identical sensation. EFFECTIVE THREAD The effective (or useful) thread includes the complete thread and those portions of the incomplete thread that are fully formed at the root but not at the crest (in taper pipe threads, this includes the so-called black crest threads), thus excluding the vanish thread. EFFECTIVE THRUST The theoretical thrust, in a rocket motor or engine, minus the incomplete combustion and friction flow in the nozzle. EGG CRATING A method of dunnaging so that each unit of lad- ing is confined in its own cell.