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ELECTROMAGNETIC ENVIRONMENT operate in their intended electromagnetic environment within a defined margin of safety and at design levels of performance with- out suffering or causing degradation as a result of electromagnetic interference. ELECTROMAGNETIC ENVIRONMENT The totality of elec- tromagnetic phenomena existing at a given location. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE In welding, the force due to the interaction of the welding current with its own magnetic field. ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE (EMI) (1) Any spu- rious external disturbance causing unwanted response in electronic equipment, or any unwanted signal emanating from the equipment; sometimes called radio frequency interference (RFI). (2) Any elec- tromagnetic disturbance that interrupts, obstructs, or otherwise degrades or limits the effective performance of electronics or elec- trical equipment. It can be induced intentionally, as in some forms of electronic warfare, or unintentionally as a result of spurious emissions and responses, intermodulation products, and the like. ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) (1) An electromagnetic