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FORCED AIR COOLING FLEXURAL FAILURE A conductor failure caused by repeated flexing. It is indicated by an increase of resistance measured for a specified time. FLICKERED A graphical representation in which symbols are used to represent such things as operations, data, flow direction, and equipment for the definition, analysis, or solution of a problem. FLIGHT ENVELOPE A pilot of velocity versus altitude that depicts maximum and minimum velocity capabilities. FLIGHT MACH NUMBER A free-stream mach number mea- sured in flight, as distinguishable from the number measured in a wind tunnel environment. FLOPPY DISK A flexible magnetic disk enclosed in a container. FLOW WELDING Welding process that produces coalescence of metals by heating them with molten filler metal poured over the sur- face to be welded until the welding temperature is attained and until the required filler metal has been added. The filler metal is not dis- tributed in the joint by capillary attraction.