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HUMAN-READABLE INFORMATION (HRI) HUMAN-READABLE INFORMATION (HRI) Information intended to be conveyed to a person. HRI in lieu of machine-read- able information is commonly referred to as text. HRI applications in association with a linear bar code or two-dimensional (2D) sym- bol are identified as (a) human-readable interpretation, (b) human translation (c) data area titles, and (d) free text. HUMAN-READABLE INTERPRETATION Human readable information provided adjacent to a machine-readable medium rep- resenting the encoded data within the medium. HUMAN TRANSLATION Human-readable information provided within proximity of the machine readable medium, representing portions of the information encoded and data field descriptions not encoded in the symbols. HYBRID (1) A composite laminate composed of laminae of two or more composite material systems. Or, a combination of two or more different fibers, such as carbon and glass or carbon and ara- mid, into a structure (tapes, fabrics, and other forms may be com-