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INTEGRATED STANDARD other; (c) acquire the required support; and (d) provide the required support during the operational phase at minimum cost. INTEGRATED STANDARD A technical standard describing the exchange format of digital data that integrates text, graphics, alpha- numeric, and other types of data in a single (compound) file. INTENSITY MODULATION By controlling current to the light source, the intensity of the light is made to vary over a continuous range more or less in proportion to the applied signal. INTENT May: This word is understood to be permissive. Shall: This word is understood to be mandatory. Should: This word is understood to be advisory. INTERACTIVE GRAPHICS The use of a display terminal in a conversational mode or interactive mode. INTERACTIVE MODE See Conversational mode. INTERCHANGEABILITY Refers to features that affect form, fit, or function of an item in such a way as to enable common use or replacement with like items without selective assembly or modifi- cation.