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M > MARGINS - Pg. 168

MAN UNITS part, or material. The manufacturing baseline includes all associ- ated documentation that is identified or referenced, such as: that pertaining to the procurement and receiving inspection, storage, and inventory control of parts and materials used; the manufactur- ing processes; the manufacturing facilities, tooling, and test equip- ment; the in-process manufacturing controls; the operator training and certification; and the inspection and other quality assurance provisions imposed. Each document is identified by title, number, date of issue, applicable revision, and date of revision. MAN UNITS A concept used to estimate or measure human energy to be expended or which has been expended on a particular project. The concept is ultimately based on the length of a working day, 6 or 8 hours (productive time or calendar time). Thus, if a man-day is 6 hours, 5 days or 30 man-hours is a man-week; 48 man-weeks or 1440 man-hours is a man-year; 4 man-weeks or 120 man-hours is a man-month. A similar set of correspondences can be constructed based on 8 hours (or any other number) per day.