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P > PARITY CHECK - Pg. 190

PANEL PANEL A rectangular or square base material of predetermined size intended for or containing one or more printed boards and, when required, one or more test coupons. PANEL LAYOUT DRAWING Equipment detail drawings that include, but are not necessarily limited to (a) a scale layout of the controls and displays on each panel or an item of equipment, such as an astronaut's, pilot's, or launch control officer's console; (b) a description of all symbols used; (c) identification of the color cod- ing used for displays and controls; (d) the labeling used on each control or display; and (e) the identification of control type (e.g., alternate action or momentary) and a clear differentiation between controls and indicators. PANNING An orientation for display framing in which a user con- ceives of the display frame as moving over a fixed array of data. The opposite of scrolling. PANORAMIC RADAR Non-scanning radar that transmits signals over a side beam in the direction of interest.