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PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS MARKING PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS MARKING The symbols, letters, numbers, color codes, and similar markings applied to indi- cate terminals, leads, and similar physical characteristics. PHYSICAL CONFIGURATION AUDIT (PCA) The formal examination of the "as-built" configuration of a configuration item against its technical documentation to establish or verify the config- uration item's product baseline. PHYSICAL INTERCHANGEABILITY A condition in which any two or more parts or units made to the same specification can be mounted, connected, and used effectively in the same position in an assembly or system. PIGTAIL A short length of optical fiber permanently attached to an optical emitter, photodetector, or connector. It is used to couple power between the optoelectronic component and the transmission fiber. PILFERABLE ITEMS Items that are vulnerable to theft because of their ready resale potential, such as cigarettes, alcoholic bever- ages, cameras, electronic equipment, and clothing and textiles.