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PRODUCT DESIGN DATA also encompass a family of products. A family of products is defined as all products of the same classification, design, construc- tion, material, type, etc. produced with the same production facili- ties, processes, and quality of material, under the characteristics defined and specified in the applicable engineering documentation. PRODUCT BASELINE (PBL) The initially approved documenta- tion describing all of the necessary functional and physical charac- teristics of the configuration item and the selected functional and physical characteristics designated for production acceptance test- ing and tests necessary for support of the configuration item. In addition to this documentation, the product baseline of a configura- tion item may consist of the actual equipment and software. PRODUCT CONFIGURATION DOCUMENTATION (PCD) (1) The approved product baseline plus approved changes. (2) The combined performance/design documentation utilized for the pro- duction/procurement of the CI. The PCD incorporates the ACD describing a CI's functional, performance, interoperability, and