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R > REAL TIME - Pg. 212

RANDOM SAMPLE tic or statistical sense. (2) Any failure whose exact time of occurrence cannot be predicted. RANDOM SAMPLE A sample selected in such a way that each unit of the population has an equal chance of being selected. RASTER The closely spaced parallel lines produced on a display device. An image is formed by modulating the intensity of the indi- vidual pixels. A binary representation, raster form, of the pixels can be used to digitally represent an image. RASTER COUNT The number of intersections between all addressable horizontal and vertical grid lines in a raster. RASTER GRAPHICS The presentation or storage of images in raster forms. RASTER SCAN (1) A method of generating or recording the ele- ments of a display image by a line-by-line sweep across the entire display surface, e.g., the generation of a picture on a television screen. (2) A type of antenna motion in which the pencil beam of radar scans a sector in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The scan of the electron beam on a TV screen is a raster.