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REDUNDANT DESIGN REDUNDANT DESIGN Alternative or parallel methods of per- forming a given function that are not necessary for a system opera- tion but are utilized when the primary function fails. REENGINEERING Examination and alteration of an existing sys- tem to reconstitute it in a new form, and the subsequent implemen- tation of the new form. REFERENCE To invoke associated data by callout on an engineer- ing drawing. Such callouts may be located on the field of the draw- ing, in the general notes, in the parts, or elsewhere on the drawing. REFERENCE CIRCUIT A hypothetical circuit of specified length and configuration with a defined transmission characteristic, primarily used as a reference for measuring the performance of other circuits and as a guide for planning and engineering of cir- cuits and networks. REFERENCE DATA Information (including dimensions) that does not govern production or inspection operations. Reference data is indicated by enclosing the data in parentheses or by labeling