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STRIPLINE causing the computer to search for, find, or replace a desired "string." STRIPLINE A type of transmission line configuration which con- sists of a single narrow conductor parallel and equidistant to two parallel ground planes. STRUCTURE Any fixed or transportable building, shelter, tower, or mast that is intended to house electrical or electronic equipment or otherwise support or function as an integral element of an elec- tronics complex. STUD WELDING An arc-welding process for joining metal studs, or similar parts to another workpiece. Fusion is produced by draw- ing an electric arc between the parts as they are brought together under pressure. SUBASSEMBLY Two or more parts that form a portion of an assembly or a unit replaceable as a whole, but having a part or parts which are individually replaceable. SUBMITTED DATA (1) The configuration management con- trolled master version of the data "formally" submitted to the Gov-