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Chapter 2. The 360: Out of the Box > Making the connections

Making the connections

Start by unwrapping all of the pieces and setting them where you can put your hands on them immediately (FIGURE 2.4).

Figure 2.4. Lay out all of the parts somewhere so that you have easy access to every piece.

Connect the power cord.

First put the plug into the wall socket, then connect it to the transformer, and then plug the transformer to the 360 (FIGURE 2.5): This connection is a little bit different since there is a locking mechanism on it to ensure the power cable can’t accidentally come free.

Figure 2.5. The connection to the 360 is tight and has a locking mechanism.

Next connect the AV cable to the back of the 360 (FIGURE 2.6).

Figure 2.6. Connect the AV cable to the back of the 360.

Now connect the AV cable to your television or monitor.

If you are connecting to a non-high-definition television, use the yellow video cable. If you going high-definition, then use the component connections (red, green, and blue; FIGURE 2.7).

Figure 2.7. Well, you can’t really tell here, but these are the blue, green, and red connectors for high-definition video.

Next up, connect the optical digital audio cable to the small hole on the back of the AV cable (FIGURE 2.8). The other end goes into your Dolby Digital- capable amplifier or speaker system.

Figure 2.8. The digital audio optical connection is on the back of the AV cable.

Connect the wired Xbox 360 controller to the USB port on the front of the 360 (FIGURE 2.9).

Figure 2.9. Open the small door at the front to find the two USB ports.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the 360 and then to your cable modem or router (FIGURE 2.10).

Figure 2.10. You’ll find a standard Ethernet cable connector on the back of all 360s.

The only thing left to do now is hit the power button on your 360, turn on the TV, and watch it fire up!


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