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Chapter 5: Ethical Decision Making > Ethical Behavior Model - Pg. 136

136 P ART II Getting Everyone on Board What would you do? Would you 1) Tell Deborah it was "very interesting" as instructed by Emily, which contributes to hiding the $5,000 misallocation of funds and lost workday? 2) Tell Deborah you never attended the leadership seminar, which could get Emily and the other employees in trouble and angry at you? Why? Chapter Objectives After reading this chapter, you will be able to: · Describe individual characteristics that im- pact ethical beliefs, sensitivities, intentions, and behaviors · Analyze the processes by which general ethical beliefs and sensitivities lead to the formation of specific ethical intentions · Apply a systematic rational ethical decision- making framework to arrive at a moral conclusion · Facilitate a negotiation between competing ethical perspectives · Recognize warning signs that an unethical decision is approaching odes of Ethics and Conduct are very useful tools for encouraging ethical behavior at work. Codes of Ethics provide general guidelines for respond-