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3. Step II: Organize the Document, Part ... > A Five-Step Organizing Procedure (Th... - Pg. 22

22 S TEP II: O RGANIZE THE D OCUMENT , P ART I discover that you have more material than you need. Or, you discover that you ve left out important points. Then, you often find you need to rearrange the material. Some of what tumbled out at the beginning belongs at the end. Some of what tumbled out in the middle belongs at the beginning. It s now cut and paste time, but, sadly, the disjointed sections and sentences rarely fit well in their new homes. Usually, you end up having to rewrite your document to make the pieces fit together. The time you spend revising poorly organized business documents is greater than the time you would have spent organizing the document before you began writing. When you don t bother to organize, you pay later when you revise. A DOPT A B ETTER W AY TO O RGANIZE Y OUR T IME Instead of spending 10 percent of your time analyzing and organizing, 50 percent writing, and 40 percent revising, consider spending 50 percent analyzing and organizing, 20 percent writing, and 30 percent revising. If you spend more than 20 percent of your time writing, you re probably doing some analyzing, organizing, and revising as you write. To be most efficient, keep the