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Praise for other Head First books - Pg. viii

the authors Lindsey Ruby the boxer. Lindsey Fallow is a self-confessed geek who Dawn Dawn Griffiths started life as a mathematician at a top UK university where she was awarded a first-class honours degree in mathematics. She went on to pursue a career in software development, and she currently combines IT consultancy with writing, editing, and mathematics. has spent the past decade exploring science and technology as a writer, software developer, and TV presenter. After earning her undergraduate degree in manufacturing engineering, she fronted a science show for 8­12-year-olds on Disney, and went on to become a reporter and associate producer for Tomorrow's World (the BBC's #1 prime-time UK science and technology show) from 1998­2002. She's stood on the top of the Golden Gate bridge, fed sharks, filmed brain surgery, flown in military planes, and been bitten by a baby tiger, but is the most excited by far when her 14-year-old stepson "gets" his math homework. She is an avid fan of the Head First series and can't quite believe she's actually written one. Lindz claims that if she were a superhero, her superpower would be tesselating. When she's not working, she likes to spend time with her super- lovely partner Helen, dabble in sheep farming, play with her boxer dog, Ruby, rock the drums on Guitar Hero, and walk in the wilderness. Dawn is the author of Head First Statistics, and has also worked on a host of other books in the series, from Networking to Programming. When Dawn's not working on Head First books, you'll find her honing her Tai Chi skills, making bobbin lace, or cooking. She hasn't yet mastered the art of doing all three at the same time. She also enjoys traveling, and spending time with her wonderful husband, David. Dawn has a theory that Head First Bobbin Lacemaking might prove to be a big cult hit, but she suspects that Brett might disagree. viii