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Chapter 2. Similarity and Congruence: Sh... > The design tells us that some triang... - Pg. 54

what does "the same" mean? The design tells us that some triangles are repeated Hand draw the sun and rays 120 Mountain tip triangle is the same shape triangle as the whole mountain 56 40 60 37.5 41º 6 48 30 53º 60 40 This corner also 90 60 The two mountain triangles are the same shape, but rescaled/flipped The designer made a note saying that the two mountain triangles are the same but rescaled, or different sizes. There's also a note saying that the mountain tip is the same triangle as the whole mountain. But what exactly does he mean by "the same triangle"? These notes are a big hint about the missing information. Same triangle? I don't get what this means. Frank Jim Jim: Yeah, I mean, the designer is talking nonsense. One of them is bigger than the other. How on earth can they be the same? Frank: Well, maybe he was talking about angles. Can you have two triangles with the same angles but with different lengths? 54 Chapter 2