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Chapter 9. Pictures > Importing Pictures into QuarkXPress - Pg. 413

Pictures The same thing goes for reducing the size of your image. Remember, if you scale that 300-dpi bitmapped image to 50 percent, it is now effectively a 600-dpi image--way more than you need. XPress downsamples this, too. Of course, it's usually better to do your own downsampling in an image-editing program before you import the file into XPress. Clipping paths.Earlier versions of QuarkXPress couldn't read embedded clipping paths in TIFF files, so you had to use EPS files. No longer. In fact, XPress can even read multiple paths in TIFF files (see "Clipping Paths," in Chapter 10, Fine-Tuning Images). Spot colors.If you create spot color channels in a Photoshop file, then you have to save it as a DCS 2.0 file in order to import it into QuarkXPress. Vectors.XPress can only read vector data (like vector text or "shapes") in Photoshop files when the file is saved as an EPS or a PDF. Compression.You can compress TIFF images with LZW (non-lossy) compression. This type of compression works best on areas of flat color, and worst on images that have a lot of tiny details. Your only option for compression in EPS files is JPEG, which renders CMYK files mostly useless (QuarkXPress can't separate JPEG-compressed EPS files). Color management.Because XPress can control the data in a TIFF file, it can color- manage the images (see Appendix A, Color Management ). EPS files, however, are hopeless when it comes to color management because XPress can't really change any color values in them. This goes for separating RGB images into CMYK, too (TIFF im- ages, no problem; EPS images, big problem). CMYK separations.When XPress prints color separations (see Chapter 12, Color ), it has to send down the entire EPS file (the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black plates) each time it prints a plate. That means if you have a 20 MB EPS file, XPress sends 80 meg- 413 · · · · · ·