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This book reflects the work of two authors, an editor, and an indexer on the East Coast, a tech editor, production editor, and proofreader on the West Coast, a tech editor in Colorado—and a proofreader in Oklahoma! Barely a scrap of paper changed hands. The Internet made it possible logistically, but a lot of good, hard work was done by many people. Our heartfelt thanks to:

Victor Gavenda, who did a masterful job of tech editing, from cover to cover,

Kelly Kordes Anton, QuarkXPress expert, who, along with Victor Gavenda, revised this edition for QuarkXPress 7 and added many useful “real world” tips,

Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, publisher, whose enthusiasm and innovative ideas are keeping Peachpit Press at the forefront of computer book publishing,

Nancy Davis, long-time editor at Peachpit, who we’ve had the pleasure to work with for the first time—and look forward to working with again,

Lisa Brazieal, production editor, who patiently incorporated our countless last-minute changes as she prepared the electronic files for printing,

Gary-Paul Prince, publicist, who gets the word out,

Cyndie Shaffstall, and her staff at Quark, Inc. for their invaluable assistance,

Emily Glossbrenner of FireCrystal Communications, for indexing,

Tracy O’Connell and Ted Waitt, for proofreading,

And Malloy Incorporated, for transforming our QuarkXPress files into a printed book.

quark1 /kwa:k/ n. Physics any of a group of (originally three) postulated components of elementary particles. Quarks are held to carry a charge one-third or two-thirds that of the proton. Many predictions of this theory have been corroborated by experiments but free quarks have yet to be observed. In a sense, quark theory recapitulates at a deeper level efforts earlier this century to explain all atomic properties in terms of electrons, protons, and neutrons [coined by M Gell-Mann, 1964, from phrase ‘Three quarks for Muster Mark!’ in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (1939)].

quark2 /kwa:k/ n. a type of low-fat curd cheese.

From The Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary, 1991, Oxford University Press

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