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Part 1: Script Writing > Ignorance... Is It Dirty? - Pg. 12

Adobe Captivate 5 & 5.5: Script Writing and Production Guide Ignorance... Is It Dirty? Ignorance is not a dirty word. In fact, included among the definitions for the word ignorance is "a lack of knowledge" and "the state of not knowing." I once was hired by a large internet company to create a step-by-step workbook and 2-day class from scratch. The company had an innovative product that would allow users to create magazines or newspapers over the web in "real time." The product had several parts--modules--that worked together. These modules included a word processor that allowed editors to control copy flow and send approved copy to the print publishers. There was also a desktop publishing module that worked a bit like QuarkXPress and InDesign. And the whole application worked over the Web and served as an HTML authoring tool much like Dreamweaver--on steroids. There was no documentation to support the product. No book. No Help system. Nothing. I was completely ignorant about how to use the program. If you've ever used a new program without the benefit of a training class, user manual, or step-by-step guide, you'll have a feel for what I was up against. Couple my lack of knowledge of their software with one final obstacle and you'll really feel my pain: the deadline to complete the course was 45 days. In that time, I needed to write the book and produce it (in QuarkXPress). A bit of stress you think?