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Chapter 3. Text > Creating Text Frames

Creating Text Frames

Before you can add text to your InDesign publication, you’ve got to have something to put it in: a text frame. To create a text frame, you can use any or all of the following methods.

  • Draw a frame using one of the basic shape tools or the frame drawing tools. To convert the frame to a text frame, select the frame and choose Text from the Content submenu of the Object menu (see Figure 3-2). If you have turned on the Type Tool Converts Frames to Text Frames option in the Type panel of the Preference dialog box, you can also convert the frame by clicking the Type tool inside the frame.

    Figure 3-2. Converting Any Frame to a Text Frame

  • Drag the Type tool to create a frame whose height and width are defined by the area you specified by dragging (see Figure 3-3).

    Figure 3-3. Drag the Type Tool

  • Drag a text place icon. The text place icon appears whenever you import a text file, or click the in port or out port of a text frame (see Figure 3-4). See “Importing Text” later in this chapter.

    Figure 3-4. Drag a Text Place Icon

  • Deselect all (Command-Shift-A/Ctrl-Shift-A) and then paste text into the publication (or drag it out of another application and drop it into the publication, which accomplishes the same thing). InDesign creates a text frame containing the text.

  • Drag a text file (or series of text files) out of your operating system’s file browser (the Finder on the Macintosh, or the Windows Explorer in Windows) and drop it into an InDesign publication.


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