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Chapter 13. Answers to Quizzes > Answers: Quiz #1 (page 86)

Answers: Quiz #1 (page 86)

1: Remove the border to open up space. New designers tend to put borders around everything. Stop it! Let it breathe! Don’t contain it so tightly!


The headings are too far away from their related items: move them closer.

There are double Returns above and below the headings: take out all double Returns, but add a little extra space above the headings so they are more closely connected to the following material they belong with.

Separate personal info from résumé items with a little extra space.


Text is centered and flush left, and second lines of text return all the way to the left edge: create a strong flush left alignment—all heads align with each other, all bullets align, all text aligns, second lines of text align with first lines.


There is already a repetition of the hyphen: strengthen that repetition by making it a more interesting bullet and using it in front of every appropriate item.

There is already a repetition in the headings: strengthen that repetition by making the headings strong and black.

The strong black impression in the bullets now repeats and reinforces the strong black in the headings.


There isn’t any: use a strong, bold face for contrast of heads, including “Résumé” (to be consistent, or repetitive); add contrast with the strong bullets.

By the way: the numbers in the new version use the “proportional oldstyle” form that is found in many OpenType fonts. If you don’t have them, make the numbers a point size or two smaller so they don’t call undue attention to themselves.


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