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Chapter 3. Creating an Online Version of... > Exporting to Flash Professional

Exporting to Flash Professional

You can go beyond the interactivity tools in InDesign by enhancing your project in Flash Professional CS5. The workflow between InDesign and Flash Professional CS5 is integrated so that you can design an interactive experience using the design tools in InDesign, and then export the project to Flash Professional CS5 so that a web developer can enhance the project using the full power of Flash Professional CS5 without having to re-create the design. Flash Professional CS5 preserves key design attributes such as InDesign layers, typographic quality, and text threading between frames.

In InDesign, choose File > Export.


If you’re starting to design a document that will only be published online, consider choosing Web from the Intent menu in the New Document dialog when you creat a new InDesign document.

In the Export dialog box, navigate to the Lesson03 folder, choose Flash Professional CS5 (FLA) from the Save As Type/Format menu, name the file City_Guide_fp.fla, and then click Save. The Export Flash CS5 Professional (FLA) dialog box appears. Leave the options at their default settings, and then click OK to complete the export.

In your Lesson03 folder, double-click the file City_Guide_fp.fla. It opens in Flash Professional.

In Flash Professional, press the period key ( . ) to step forward one frame. Press it again to step through the five Timeline frames that represent the five pages that were in the InDesign document. Press the comma key ( , ) to step back a frame.

Navigate to frame 2 and double-click one of the white text frames. This lets you edit frame 2.


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