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Layout in Use > Passe partout - Pg. 156

Paper engineering Passe partout Juxtaposition Passe partout Passe partout historically refers to the cardboard mount that sits between a picture and the glass in a framed image. The term can also be applied to the borders or the white space around the outside edge of a page or design element. A border helps to define the space on a page and the relationships between the items it contains. Into this space a design can comfortably be placed. This section explores some of the ways passe partout can be used to help structure page layout. Digit (right) Using the campaign slogan, `more than a duplicate', this brochure uses a simple passe partout layout to frame images of twins. This approach allows the photographic and video content that Digit produces to become the focal element. Text is reversed out of a cool grey, creating a calm environment within which to showcase the images. This grey is reminiscent of the tonal value a monitor is set to when undertaking colour correction work on images. Having no adverse impact on the main images, this grey is used as a calm base. This calmness is further enforced through the passe partout with rounded corners.