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Creating Tables

Tables are a step up from using lists or tabs to format data in your documents. You can choose from several different types of tables, and entering data into them is relatively easy.

Start a new document.

Tap the Image button.

Tap Tables. There are four different table options. In addition, you can swipe left and right in the menu to reveal six color variations.

Tap the first table to insert it.

Tap the button to the right of the table or below the table to adjust the number of columns and rows.

Double-tap in a cell to enter text.

Tap the i button to bring up the Table/Headers/Arrange menu.

Tap Table to choose from six table styles.

Tap Table Options to go to a menu that gives you even more control over the borders and background colors of the table.

Tap Headers to change the number of rows used as a header and the number of columns as well. You can even add footer rows. These all show up as different colors according to the style of table.

Tap Arrange to bring up text wrapping options and to send the table behind or in front of other objects.

Moving Tables

You can drag the table around the document by grabbing it at the top, at the left, or by the circle at the top left.


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