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Chapter 4. Browsing the Web > Visiting a Web Page

Visiting a Web Page

The most basic service a web browser can provide to a user is the ability to display a web page. The Browser app does a great job of displaying websites, but be aware that, if you’re using a different browser, the screenshots in this chapter might look slightly different.

Tap the Apps icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Tap the Browser app.

Tap once in the URL text field to highlight the current website’s URL. The highlighted text changes to white on a green background.

What’s a URL?

What most people refer to as a web address actually has the fancy technical name: Universal Resource Locator (URL). Throughout this book, the terms web address and URL are used interchangeably and mean the same thing for all intents and purposes. If one of your techy friends emails you and says something like, “I’m including the URL at the end of this message,” she’s simply telling you that she’s including the web address.

Type in a new web address using the onscreen keyboard. In this example, I typed (Note that the onscreen keyboard has a .com key that can save you some typing.)

Tap the Return/Enter key.

If the web address is typed correctly (and the website actually exists), the Browser app displays the website.

Scroll up and down the page by touching and holding your finger to the display and moving it up (to scroll up) or down (to scroll toward the bottom of the web page).

Typing in the website incorrectly (or entering a URL that doesn’t exist) typically results in a screen letting you know that the website is unavailable. Check the URL and re-enter it if you want to try again.

To close a web page, tap the small X. (If you are currently only viewing one website, this typically closes the Browser app. Viewing multiple websites is done using tabs, which is covered later.)


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