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Purchasing Music

There are hundreds of websites where you can legally purchase music. Each website probably has a slightly different method for buying and downloading the music, but the idea is the same: Use the Browser app to visit a website where you can buy music and, after locating a song and providing credit card info, allow the Xoom to download the music file and place it automatically in the Music folder. The song is then available using the Music app. For this section, I’m purchasing and downloading a song from

Open the Browser app to

Select the Search drop-down menu by tapping the small triangle.

Scroll down the list of categories.

Select the MP3 Downloads option.

Enter a song, album, or artist name in the search box.

Tap the Go button. Login Required

If you haven’t set the Browser app to remember your email address and password, you might be asked to provide it after tapping the Buy MP3 button.

Tap an album cover to view the list of songs on that album.

Scroll down the list of all music to find a song.

Tap the Buy MP3 button to purchase a song.

Your selected song is displayed, along with the price.

Tap the Continue button.

Tap the Save to This Computer button.

Don’t place a checkmark in the Always Do This checkbox. You might want to purchase music from in the future and use a different storage location or method.

Because the Xoom is running the Android operating system, you don’t want to install an MP3 downloader. Instead, tap the Skip Installation and Continue link.

Tap the Download Song button.

Tap the Download Alert icon.

A progress bar lets you know how far along the download has progressed. When the download is completed, the song is available to play with the Music app (covered in the next section).


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