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Changing Settings

Safari has a moderate number of settings you can use to control its operation. Go to the Settings app on your iPad 2 and choose Safari to access them. The choices are as follows (see Figure 6.6):

  • Search Engine— Choose Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

  • Autofill— Choose this setting to use information from Contacts and specify which contact is your own personal information; also use this setting to turn on storage of names and passwords for various web pages.

  • Always Show Bookmarks Bar— Slide to turn the display of the Bookmarks Bar on or off. The Bookmarks Bar is a useful convenience feature, but it takes up precious vertical screen space.

  • Fraud Warning— Slide to turn warnings for potentially fraudulent websites on or off.

  • JavaScript— Slide to turn JavaScript on or off. I recommend leaving JavaScript on so you get the functionality it provides, unless some websites start crashing or dramatically slowing your machine; in this case, try turning JavaScript off.

  • Block Pop-Ups— Slide to block pop-ups. I recommend blocking them, as many ads are pop-ups, and who needs the distraction?

  • Accept Cookies— Cookies are little files that a site places on your device to store information about you. The information can be for your benefit, such as preferences for using the website, or for the benefit of the people who run the site, such as information used to target specific kinds of ads to you. Slide to either accept all cookies, to accept cookies only from visited websites, or to not accept any cookies.

  • Databases— With this setting, you can view the storage size of databases associated with web use, such as for Gmail or Google contacts.

  • Clear History, Cookies, Cache— These options are useful for removing history information you’d rather keep private, or for trying to solve potential problems with system instability.

  • Developer— Choose and slide to turn on the developer debug console to help you find and fix errors in a website you’re developing.

    Figure 6.6. Safari settings can make your iPad 2 web life easier.


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