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3. Reading on the Kindle Fire > Managing Personal Documents

Managing Personal Documents

In addition to Kindle content from Amazon, your Kindle Fire also directly supports reading of text files and Adobe PDF files. Other file types are supported, but they first have to be converted to a format that the Kindle Fire can handle.

Emailing a Personal Document to Kindle Fire

The easiest way to convert a document for reading on your Kindle Fire is by emailing the document to your email address. When you do, the Kindle Personal Document Service converts the document for you and delivers it to your Kindle over the Wi-Fi connection.

1. If you don’t already know your email address, tap Docs from the Home screen to display it.


2. Create a new email message on your computer addressed to your address.

3. Attach the document you want to convert to the email message.

4. Send the email message.


Supported File Types

The Kindle Personal Document Service can convert Microsoft Word documents, Rich Text format, HTML files, compressed documents in Zip or X-Zip format, and Mobi books.

It’s Not All Good

Only email addresses that are on your Approved Personal Document E-Mail List can successfully send documents to your Kindle email address. After all, you don’t want strangers sending documents to your Kindle and incurring costs for conversion, do you? You can add emails to your list from the Manage Your Kindle page, and you can read more information on doing that in Chapter 4.

Sideloading Personal Documents

You can sideload personal documents, as described earlier in this chapter, as long as they are in a format that the Kindle Fire supports natively. You should convert files that are not natively supported by the Kindle Fire using the Kindle Personal Document Service or a tool such as Calibre. (Calibre is discussed in detail in Chapter 5.)

1. Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer using a micro-USB cable.

2. Wait until your Kindle Fire notifies you that you can transfer files to it.


3. Open your Kindle Fire on your computer and locate the Documents folder.


4. Copy your personal document to the Documents folder.


5. Disconnect your Kindle Fire from your computer.

Changing Personal Document Titles and Authors

The title and author of your personal documents might not be what you want them to be. You can easily edit them using Calibre. Read more about Calibre in Chapter 5.

Reading Personal Documents

Your experience in reading personal documents differs depending on what type of file the document is. Personal documents in Mobi eBook format have all of the features you’re used to from Kindle books, but other formats offer only a basic reading experience.

Deleting Personal Documents

You can easily delete personal documents from your Kindle Fire using the Docs screen.

1. From the Docs screen, tap and hold on the personal document you want to delete.

2. Tap Delete.

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