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5. Managing Content with Calibre > Transferring eBooks to the Kindle Fire - Pg. 137

120 Chapter 5 Managing Content with Calibre Transferring eBooks to the Kindle Fire Calibre can sideload books to your Kindle Fire, and if the book requires con version to Kindle format, Calibre can take care of that as well. In fact, using Calibre to sideload books is preferable because you can use a special tech nique to make sure that sideloaded books show up in your Books library instead of the Docs library on your Kindle Fire. The best way to transfer eBooks to your Kindle Fire is a three-step process; convert the eBook to EPUB format, delete all formats except the EPUB format, and auto-convert and transfer the EPUB format to your Kindle Fire. Add a Cover Before Transferring Before you use this technique to sideload an eBook to your Kindle Fire, you should add a cover to the eBook's metadata.The technique I show you also transfers the cover art to your Kindle Fire. Converting to EPUB Format This step is not necessary if your eBook is already in EPUB format. However, if your book is in any other format, you should convert the eBook to EPUB for mat before transferring it to your Kindle Fire.The reason you do this is because when Calibre converts an EPUB eBook to a Mobi eBook for your Kindle Fire, it cre ates a Mobi book that shows up correct ly in your Books library. 1. Select the book you want to con vert. 2. Click Convert Books. 3. Change the Output Format to EPUB. 4. Check Use Cover from Source File. 5. Click OK.