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Part II: Learning to Use Your iPhone > Customizing Your iPhone - Pg. 80

Chapter 5. Customizing Your iPhone Discover how to personalize your iPhone using the various customization options and features. Make your iPhone uniquely yours. Tens of millions of iPhones have been sold worldwide, yet like every iPhone user, you have the capability to customize many aspects of your phone to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. In addition to picking and choosing which apps you'll use from the more than 500,000 available from the App Store, you can easily customize the look of your iPhone's Lock screen and Home screen by changing the Wallpaper. Plus, on the Home screen, it's possible to move around the app icons and also sort them into folders. In addition, you can customize the ringtones, audio alerts, and alarms the iPhone generates and, at the same time, personalize how many of your apps will function. It's even possible to add password protection and/or parental controls to keep people from accessing your personal data. This chapter focuses on how to customize your iPhone by taking advantage of its various user-adjustable set- tings and options. Connecting Accessories to Your iPhone One way you can customize your iPhone is by using features and functions built into iOS 5 and your apps. However, you can further make your iPhone uniquely your own by choosing a stylish (yet functional) case to protect your phone. Plus, you can use your iPhone with an ever-growing selection of accessories. When it comes to accessories, some of your options include stereo headphones, a headset, external speakers, external battery packs, a docking station, a hands-free car kit, a car charger, a protective film for the iPhone's screen, a blood pressure or heart rate monitor, and a credit card reader (for processing credit card transac- tions). Or you can alter the appearance of your iPhone by applying a removable skin (from a company like, that showcases a photo or design that matches your personality. Using iOS 5's AirPrint feature, you can print directly from your iPhone to a compatible printer. HP offers more than 20 different laser printers, photo printers, and inkjet printers that are AirPrint-compatible. Additional printer options are available from Canon. After making a wireless printer connection, you can print documents, files, data, photos, web pages, and other content from many different apps. Optional accessory products can connect to your iPhone via its Dock Connector port, the iPhone's Headphone jack, or a wireless Bluetooth or wireless network connection. Customizing Your iPhone's Home Screen As an iPhone user, you'll look at the Home screen most often. In just a few minutes, you can customize this screen in several different ways. You can · Change the position of each icon. · Add folders to your Home screen to organize your app icons. · Change the Wallpaper image displayed in the background. 80