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Chapter 7. Surfing the Web on Your iPhon... > Getting Rid of Onscreen Clutter with... - Pg. 136

Surfing the Web on Your iPhone lower-left corner of the screen. This can also be done within the Settings app. (See the "Customizing Your Safari Web Surfing Experience" section later in this chapter.) Tip To revisit any web page you've already been to, access the History folder and tap its listing. Getting Rid of Onscreen Clutter with Reader Many web pages are filled with ads, ancillary graphics, and other distractions. Likewise, an onscreen article you're trying to read might be spread out across multiple web pages. Using the Reader feature built into Safari for iOS 5, you can eliminate all the onscreen clutter and view just the text and photos associated with a compatible online-based article. Not all websites are compatible with the Reader feature. However, when this option is available, an icon that says Reader appears on the extreme right of the website address field, next to the website's URL (shown in Figure 7.9). 136