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4. Talking to Your Day-Timer > Calendars - Pg. 64

64 Chapter 4 Talking to Your Day-Timer Calendars If you've owned an iPhone before, you might already be a fan of the Calendar app for keeping track of your appointments and meetings. With Siri, you'll feel like you have your own concierge at your beck and call, handling all of your calendar events. Through the magic of iCloud, any calendar events you make with Siri are immediately synchronized to any other devices you might have connected to the service. Adding Events Adding an event using Siri follows a standard conversational pattern. You tell it to "Set up a meeting," "Meet with someone," "Schedule a meeting," or "Make an appointment" with one or more people at a certain date or time. Figure 4-1 shows this approach in action. Many times when setting up a meeting, you'll want an alert a few minutes before it starts. This helps you remember to participate. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way at this time to tell Siri to add an alert to a calendar event. To add an alert and specify the sound to use when the alert is made, you need to use remind- ers, which we discuss in the next section. Reminders play an alert tone by default. You might want to create a calendar event for a meeting to block out time on your calendar and send invitations to others, and then make a reminder to alert you before the start of the meeting.