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Chapter 1. Getting to Know Your Eee PC > Using the Special Keyboard Functions

Using the Special Keyboard Functions

Use the following key combinations:

  • Fn+F1: Enter Sleep Mode. Have care with this as you can lose your external monitor resolution setting on wakeup. This can occur if you’re using dual monitors and the Eee PC enters sleep mode. Press the power button to wake the computer.

  • Fn+F2: Toggle the Wireless Transceiver on and off.

  • Fn+F3: Turn the brightness down. This works only for the onboard LCD display, of course.

  • Fn+F4: Turn the brightness up.

  • Fn+F5: Toggle between the onboard LCD display, an external monitor (or video projector), and both monitors mirroring each other. Switching between modes is another action that may cause you to lose your external monitor resolution setting. By the way, both Easy Mode and Full Desktop have an External Display application that not only controls the external display resolution, but allows you to select the resolution for the internal display as well.

  • Fn+F6: Launch the Task Manager. Task Manager shows you what applications are running, identifies how much memory they are taking, and (best of all) allows you to shut down any applications that are frozen.

  • Fn+F7: Toggle between Mute and Audio On.

  • Fn+F8: Turn the audio volume up.

  • Fn+F9: Turn the audio volume down.

  • Fn+F11: The Num Lock key.

  • Fn+F12: The Scroll Lock key.

  • Fn+Ins: The Print Screen key.

  • FN+Del: The System Request key. This System Request key has no function, unless you’ve compiled the Linux kernel with the magic system request keys for debugging. These keys are not compiled into the Eee PC Xandros kernel. Really, given the size of the keyboard and the combination with the Fn key, using these would be almost impossible anyway.

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