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Chapter 1: Setting up Your Windows Phone > What Is Windows Phone 7? - Pg. 25

25 Chapter 1 Setting up Your Windows Phone Welcome! And congratulations on buying a phone that, as the marketing material suggests, might just free you from staring at your phone all the time! This book will take you step-by-step through the process of configuring and setting up your new phone. We'll start with what you'll see as soon as you power up your phone for the first time, and then go on to talk about what makes your Windows Phone 7 device unique. Along the way, I'll be sure to give you the best tips and tricks I've discovered while using Windows Phone 7. What Is Windows Phone 7? Windows Phone 7 is the latest operating system for mobile phones by Microsoft, the publisher of Windows on desktop computers. Previously, Microsoft created and sold software called "Windows Mobile," which ran on smartphones and looked very similar to how Windows appears on desktop computers, Start menu and all. However, all of that has now changed! I first learned about Windows Phone 7 (then called Windows Mobile 7) a few years ago. At the time, in super-secret sessions about which I am legally not allowed to speak (and really don't want to anyway), it appeared to be an interesting product, but nothing too revolutionary or new. However, as Microsoft watched the world change with regard to how people use smartphones, it came to realize that it needed to change course and produce an excellent mobile experience. Windows Phone 7, in its current form, was born. The device you're holding (or possibly have lying next to this book) is one of many Windows Phone 7 devices made by a variety of manufacturers. While they're all physically different (e.g., in terms of style, shape, and color), they all run the same software: Windows Phone 7. That's why this book isn't written toward a specific device--it doesn't have to be. All Windows Phone 7 devices share many common characteristics, including the following: 25