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DAC (digital-to-analog converter)

DAE (digital audio extraction)

DASD (direct access storage device)

DASP (drive action/slave present)

DAT (digital audio tape)

db (decibel)

DBB (dynamic bass boost)

DBR (DOS boot record)

DC (direct current)

DCC (direct cable connection)

DCE (data communications equipment)

DD (double density)

DDE (dynamic data exchange)

DDMA (Distributed DMA)

DDoS (distributed denial of service)

DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM)

DDR2 SDRAM (double data rate 2 SDRAM)

DDS (digital data storage)

DDWG (Digital Display Working Group)

DFP (digital flat panel)

DFT (drive fitness test)

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language)

DIB (dual independent bus)

DIMM (dual inline memory module)

DIN (Deutsches Institut fu[um]r Normung e.V.)

DIP (dual inline package)

DIVX (Digital Video Express)

DLC (Data Link Control)

DLL (Dynamic Link Library)

DLT (digital linear tape)

DMA (direct memory access)

DMI (Desktop Management Interface)

DMI (Direct Media Interface)

DMM (digital multimeter)

DMT (discrete multitone)

DNS (domain name system or service)

DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specifications)

DoS (denial of service)

DOS (disk operating system)

DPMI (DOS protected mode interface)

DPMS (display power-management signaling)

DRAM (dynamic RAM)

DSK (Dvorak simplified keyboard)

DSL (digital subscriber line)

DSLAM (DSL access multiplier)

DSM (digital storage media)

DSP (digital signal processor)

DSTN (Double-layer SuperTwist Nematic) LCD

DTE (data terminal [or terminating] equipment)

DVD (digital versatile disc)

DVD-A (DVD-audio)

DVD-R (DVD-recordable)

DVD-R DL (DVD-recordable dual-layer)

DVD-RW (DVD phase change rewritable)

DVI (Digital Video Interactive)

DVI (Digital Video Interface)


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