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Relax at Home - Pg. 57

58 R E L A X AT H O M E Home sanctuary If your home feels like a refuge, once you step over the threshold you shed work stresses and benefit your mental and physical wellbeing. Human behavior is influenced by its environment, and a welcoming space starts the relaxation response. Hospital studies show that natural light, a view of nature, uplifting art, and green-tinted walls reduce the need for pain medication and can cut a stay by days. Here are tips to give your own space such nurturing properties. 265 Want to spend time at home For home to be a haven, you have to want to be there. If you feel the need 267 Raise herbs by a door Keeping pots of scented herbs with soothing or uplifting properties, Adorn your door with flowers and plants. fresh energy ushered in. As lives change and trends move on, refresh your door to replenish your reserves of relaxed good energy.