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Unwinding at Times of Stress - Pg. 163

164 U N W I N D I N G AT T I M E S O F S T R E S S Consolidate Research links financial stress to depression, high blood Put worries in one place by moving pressure, insomnia, fatigue, digestive ailments and overeating. debts to one 0 percent interest Up to half of those polled by Mental Health America in 2006 credit card. Then cut it up and had financial stress, which a study at Ohio State University watch the debt decrease as you pay it off each month. found is more likely to cause depression than the loss of a loved one. Here are ways to ease worries that don't include the lottery: in a study, lottery winners and paraplegics were equally happy a year on from their life-changing event. Just say no Easing money worries 847 848 845 Plan your spending If you don't know where your salary goes, write a budget. Record income, then outgoings: housing, bills (gas, electricity, water, phones, internet, TV, taxes), debt payments, food, travel (including car costs), savings, insurance, vacations, and going out. Many seem to think all our income is destined for the latter! Where can you save money, and where do you need to spend more? Update it each month to assuage money worries. 846 Get your finances in order Not making a credit-card payment because you forgot to open the bill leads to unnecessary costs as well as unnecessary stress--and even blacklisting from future loans. Create files for credit card and bank statements, tax matters, and household bills, then put aside one evening a month to check and file bills and statements. Setting up direct-debit payments will ensure you never miss a deadline again. Avoid store cards, perhaps the most expensive form of easy credit. Cut them up now. Instead, try to pay for most things with cash. 849 Stop grinding your teeth People who worry about financial stress but avoid doing anything about it seem more prone to dental disease than those who grasp the nettle, suggests a study in Journal of Rationalize your filing system to remove unnecessary stress.