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Chapter 7. Sessionless Networks > Directed Messages - Pg. 246

246 MAKING THINGS TALK Directed Messages The more common way to use sessionless protocols is to send directed messages to the object to which you want to speak. You saw this in action already in Chapter 6, when you programmed your microcontrollers to speak to each other using the XBee radios. Each radio had a source address (which you read and set using the ATMY command) and a destination address (which you read and set using the ATDL command). One radio's destination was another's source, and vice versa. Though there were only two radios in that example, you could have included many more radios, and decided which one to address by changing the destination address on the fly. Sending UDP Datagrams To and From a Lantronix Device So far, you've used the Lantronix devices to communicate Whatever bytes you send into the device's serial port