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Lesson 5. Building a Dynamic Slideshow > Customizing Your Slideshow - Pg. 148

148 Lesson 5: Building a Dynamic Slideshow your iPhoto still images. So in this lesson, we'll also work with Jennifer, the business owner. Her marketing and training needs often go just beyond what iPhoto can do, so she delves into iMovie territory. This lesson will show why and when one application is more appropriate than the other. Customizing Your Slideshow In Lesson 4, Christopher created a slideshow at his daughter's party in just a few minutes. It's the most traditional kind of slideshow, the kind families have enjoyed for generations, huddled around a projector, maybe with a carousel of slides and a screen Dad pulled out of the closet. In a conventional, manual slideshow, the person holding the clicker decides when to take you to the next slide--effectively deciding on the duration of each slide. By contrast, a quick iPhoto slideshow automatically moves you