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Lesson 4. Publishing Your Pictures > Making a Greeting Card

Making a Greeting Card

Suppose you have a picture that would be perfect for a holiday card or a party invitation. You can use iPhoto to create such cards and have them professionally printed, just as you can with picture prints.

To learn how to make a card, you’ll make a party invitation, using one of the pictures from the Hawaiian Wedding Event:

Open the Hawaiian Wedding Event and click to select the picture of the sunset.

If you can’t find it, the picture is titled DS006 and looks like this:

In the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing area, click the Card button.

A sheet appears with various card themes. Along the left side of the sheet are different theme categories. At the right are samples of the available themes. Above the category list is a pop-up menu; from it you can choose whether to create a Greeting Card or a Postcard. A Greeting Card layout has the picture on the front and opens to reveal a message inside. A Postcard layout has the picture on the front and the message on the back. You’ll use the Greeting Card setting for the invitation.

In the theme category list, choose Invitation/Thank You.

The theme samples area displays the samples that are suitable for invitations and thank-you notes.

Scroll through the theme samples until you find the Tropical Leaf sample, click it, and then click Choose.

The viewing area becomes a card layout area, with the outside and the inside of the card displayed, and a toolbar beneath it with tools similar to those in the printing layout area’s toolbar. Also, a Projects heading appears in the source list, with an “untitled card” project beneath it.

In the source list, rename the card project Beach Party Card.

Click the picture on the face of the card and use the magnifying and positioning panel that appears to adjust the picture’s appearance.

This panel should look familiar to you: It’s the same one you saw in the printing layout area.

Optional: In the toolbar, click the Background button, and then choose a different background from the pop-up menu that appears.

Depending on the theme you choose, a card can offer both different backgrounds and different variations on its basic design (the latter of which you can choose by clicking the Design button on the toolbar). You can also change the card’s orientation with the Orientation pop-up menu in the toolbar, and, if that’s not enough, you can choose an entirely different theme for the card by clicking the Theme button.

In the card’s interior, click Insert Title and type a new title, then click “Insert your information here” and type the invitation’s details.

You can type multiple lines of text by pressing Return in both the card’s title and its information. You can see what we typed for the invitation here.


You can also adjust the font family, size, and typeface of the card’s interior text by choosing Edit > Font > Show Fonts (or by pressing Command-T) and then selecting different settings in the standard Font window that appears.

When your card looks the way you want it, click Buy.

An Order Card window appears, which is similar to the Order Prints window you saw earlier. If you have an Apple ID, you can order cards the same way you order prints.

Click Cancel in the Order Card window.

You didn’t really want to buy this example card, did you?


You can also choose File > Print instead of clicking the Buy button to print the card on your own printer. If you print your own card, though, remember that a card has two sides, so you may need to print the first page by itself, and then turn the paper over and put it back into the printer before you print the second page. Consult your printer manual for the best way to perform double-sided printing with your printer.

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