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Identifying Missing Faces

Regardless of how it’s portrayed in the movies, facial recognition technology is not foolproof. Sometimes, iPhoto may not recognize that a face is in a photo, and sometimes it can mistake something else in a photo for a face. You can easily overcome these problems.

In the Source list, click Events, and then open the Croatia Event again.

Click the photo titled DSC_2629, and then click Name.

For some reason, iPhoto didn’t recognize that this picture contained a face.

At the bottom left of the viewing area, click Add Missing Face.

A box appears on the photo that you can move over the face that iPhoto didn’t recognize. You can click anywhere inside the box to drag it, and you can use the handles at the corners of the box to expand or shrink the box.

Drag the box over the face, adjust its size so that it just covers the face, and then, in the label under the box, click Done.

The box label is selected, ready for you to type a name.

Type the letter a, and when Aaron’s name appears as a suggestion, press Return.

The missing face is now labeled as Aaron.


iPhoto won’t use missing faces that you’ve placed and labeled to help train it to recognize the same face in other photos. It only uses faces that it’s recognized as faces.

Next you’ll deal with an erroneously recognized face.

Click Done, then click the photo titled DSC_3130 and click Name.

It’s not surprising that iPhoto identified this statue as having a face, but you can tell iPhoto to ignore it.

Move your pointer over the face box, click the close button that appears in the upper-left corner of the box, and then click Done.

The box disappears. iPhoto will no longer attempt to match this face to any of the faces that you’ve identified.


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