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Chapter 14. Tuning Windows Home Server P... > Optimizing Applications - Pg. 417

Optimizing Applications 417 Optimizing Applications Unless you use Windows Home Server as your main workstation, it's unlikely that you want or need to optimize applications. However, if you do run programs on Windows Home Server, you can do a few things to improve the performance of those applications. The next few sections offer some pointers for improving the performance of applications under Windows Home Server. Adding More Memory All applications run in RAM, of course, so the more RAM you have, the less likely it is that Windows Home Server has to store excess program or document data in the paging file on the hard disk, which is a real performance killer. In Task Manager or System Monitor, watch the Available Memory value. If it starts to get too low, you should consider adding RAM to your system. Optimizing Application Launching Prefetching is a Windows Home Server performance feature that analyzes disk usage and