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Broadband wireless networks bring us closer to the Internet's ultimate destiny of interconnecting everyone, everywhere. But wireless networking can be a bit geeky and nerve-wracking without a proper guide. Let's face it: Networking can be hard.

If you're one of the last holdouts still connected to the Internet by a wire, The Book of Wireless, 2nd Edition is the book for you. You'll learn how to set up your own home (or small office) wireless network and how to use public wireless networks, safely and securely. This plain-English guide demystifies configuring and using wireless networks-everything from shopping for parts to securing your network. Learn how to:

  • Select and configure hardware and software for your Wi-Fi network and configure access points to minimize interference

  • Discover open networks and maintain your privacy while surfing in public

  • Use VoIP over a wireless connection to talk on the phone for next to nothing

  • Evaluate wireless data services based on cost, speed, and coverage

  • Extend your network to give your neighbors free wireless Internet access

You'll also learn about new and forthcoming broadband wireless standards and how to choose the right service provider and equipment. With up-to-date information on wireless routers, network interface cards, antennas, security, and software, The Book of Wireless, 2nd Edition will help you navigate the confusing wireless landscape to find the perfect solution.

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"Helped clarify my access point setup plan" - by philrj on 18-AUG-2010
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I just moved in with a friend who has a Netgear WNR834v2, and I brought over my Apple Airport Extreme. Turns out my extra router was needed as there are three floors to cover in this older house in the city. I knew I could figure out how to set one of the routers up as an access point on my own, but didn't feel like wasting time troubleshooting for an entire afternoon. Sometimes all it takes is a simple little book like this with a chapter on planning, diagramming, understanding, and finally setting up one or more access points. The chapter clearly laid out and validated what I 'thought' I knew, while filling in the missing links that more than likely would have left me spending hours searching for one of those magical-yet-simple config settings easily overlooked. Cheers to the author. Simple, yet very effective—saved my afternoon.
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