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Chapter 3. Online Recruitment > How do I harvest resumes from online databases? - Pg. 45

Online Recruitment · International job posting boards · College/university job posting boards 45 Of course, HotJobs and the other larger online employment hubs will generate traffic to your cor- porate Web site through banner advertising, channel buttons, splash pages, diversity programs, and other targeted online media programs. Not a bad resource considering the cost-effectiveness and timely turnaround offered! How do I harvest resumes from online databases? Much like all the topics we've covered in this chapter--free online recruiting sources, fee-paid Web sites, online job ad creation, and Web page development--mining resumes from online databases should be a staple in your virtual recruitment campaign. Employers have a lot to gain by harvesting resumes stored on all Web servers on the Internet--not just the resumes in their proprietary data- bases. You can develop a very active Internet recruiting presence via harvesting, even if you don't post ads or have your own corporate Web site, by mining other sites. Many employers are comfortable with the idea of posting job ads on the Internet and providing links to their corporate Web pages. However, without dedicated staff to pour through stored resumes on the Web, corporate recruiters tend to steer clear of this lucrative "mining" option. Different databases require different ways of accessing resumes, so in the interest of time, data mining activities have been put off. Truth be told, if you know how to refine your search criteria and you've got a speedy Internet connection, harvesting should become a simple and regular part of your recruiting regimen. Tell Me More